Things that happen only at Indian weddings

The Horse becomes the best man’s friend: The weddings is usually held at the brides home or a wedding hall. The arrival of the Groom is an important and fun-filled event. The groom dressed in his wedding attire leaves his home to the wedding venue on a decorated ‘ghodi” (Horse) our wedding event management can help to organise the band, the ghodi, etc. to give you a great and memorable Experience.

Joota Chupai: A common ritual in North India, the Groom’s Saalis (sister-in-law) hide the Groom’s footwear during the pheras. In exchange for the shoes the Saalis demand an amount of money which can be quite a bomb.

The Bollywood Touch: Indian weddings are not really Indian if the Bollywood flavour is missing the close relatives and cousins even hire professional choreographers to perfect their dance moves to the latest Bollywood Songs. Our wedding Event Management company gives you the best and top choreographers for a memorable experience .

Food, food and more food: You know what’s the best thing about Weddings? The yummy mouth watering delicacies that can only be served at a wedding and guess what? We provide you the best caterers in your budget.

Emotions on a switch: One minute you see the entire party laughing and making merry. The next minute when “Bidai” ceremony starts you can see tears rolling down everybody’s cheeks, a typical scene at every Indian Wedding.

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